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At Elevate, we’re on a mission to connect exceptional talent (yes, that means YOU) with the brands who need them. Whether it’s engaging directly with consumers or managing events behind the scenes, we’re here to help quality event staff positions.

Brand Ambassadors wanted

Brand Ambassadors wanted

Do you have unique skills and a passion for creating exceptional brand experiences? Elevate wants to work with you. Our event staff jobs give individuals around the globe a chance to connect with the world’s top brands and grow their resumes without the hassle of constantly applying for jobs. Together, we bring impactful events to life.


“I absolutely love working with Elevate! They have so many different jobs available, giving you the opportunity to learn new skills. They always make sure you’re briefed on what us expected of you and there is always someone available if you should come across any issues. Another plus for me is you are really valued, and the pay is great!””

Erin Abrahamsen

  • BA, United Kingdom

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