Why Festivals Are The Perfect Place To Pop Up

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  • Tamara Olori
  • 24 February 2023
  • 2 Min Read

Festivals are the perfect platform for a pop up. From the good moods to the total immersion, people at festivals love to interact with brands, especially when they are fulfilling a need.

Piggyback The Positive!

Festivals are the ultimate in immersive experiences. These are lived events, days spent entirely in the music and atmosphere create a widespread positive feeling. Becoming a part of this can embed a brand into the consciousness of the crowd.

Diverse And Direct

Large crowds with a diverse demographic give brands a direct way to reach new people both inside and outside your target audience, and your footfall is guaranteed! Whether you help people with a product or service, offer free, experience enhancing giveaways or provide a needed respite from the challenges of being at a festival, interaction is going to be organic and inevitable.

High Value Moments

At Elevate we’ve worked with brands around the world to create truly valued experiences for festival crowds. We partnered with Peroni at British Summer Time (BST) to provide refreshing beers to people, our teams were selected for their enthusiasm and energy, making the festival look and feel good! We also helped Vodaphone bring power to the people at BST with phone charging points and wifi.

At BoardMasters we helped BBC Sounds deliver interactive soundscapes that captivated and amazed the crowds. Each of our teams was tailored to the event, supporting local communities and ensuring that we had the right people in the right places.

We worked with Venmo, Hawkers and Spotify at Coachella 2022 targeting their Gen Z audiences with engaging pop-ups with interactive elements including try-ons, $1 fairground rides and handing out over 2000 samples.

Imagination And Creativity

Maybe more than any other arena, festivals are a blank canvas for imagination. This means that brands can dig deep into what makes them tick and connect to the crowds in a uniquely creative way. Rather than being an annoying ad on, activations at festivals can enhance, empower, and support the audiences they engage with.

Contact the team at Elevate for more ideas about which festivals best suit your brands, ways to connect and creative ideas to engage with crowds.