Elevation 2023 – Our Internal Mentoring Programme

Staff Spotlight

  • Tamara Olori
  • 17 April 2023
  • 4 Min Read

At Elevate, we are passionate about nurturing our teams by ensuring that they have all the tools, skills and resources they need to thrive in the workplace.  

We have an incredible team of people within the business and through collaboration, we can work together to drive progression and create opportunities. 

What is Elevation?  

Elevation is Elevate’s internal mentoring programme! Those who choose to take part as a mentee will be paired with a mentor from the senior leadership team. Over a 9-month period, the mentor will guide their mentee, building their confidence and supporting them on their personal development plan.  

Hear from last year’s mentors and mentees 

What is expected from this year’s programme?

  • Mentors will be made up of volunteers from the senior leadership team. Each mentor will offer a shortlist of specialisms 
  • Mentees will be matched via a working session. To reduce bias in the selection process, we will pair topics mentees are seeking to develop with the specialisms mentors provide
  • Once paired there will be a kick-off session with all mentors and mentees, where pairings will be announced and resources to support the programme will be shared. All expectations from the mentees and mentors will be made clear
  • Mentees will share their main goals from the programme with their mentors so that they can tailor the sessions accordingly. With that said, it will be the responsibility of the mentee to guide the agenda
  • Mentors and mentees are advised to meet at least once every six weeks throughout the nine month programme
  • Guidelines, session topics and supporting material will be shared for those who are less clear on the developmental areas they wish to focus on
  • There will be a mid-way feedback session for mentors and mentees. This will give everyone an opportunity to highlight any issues and ensure targets are being met so that this can be corrected for the second half of the programme

Meet this year’s mentors and mentees 

Ed Wood, Elevate Group CEO, has been matched with:  

Alice Jones, Global Senior Marketing Manager 

Jonathon Parks, US Staffing Manager 

Carina Filek, Elevate Group CSO, has been matched with: 

Zoe Jackson, Project Director 

Michelle Frowd, UK Senior Account Executive 

Ninon Corlouer, FR Client Services Director 

Peter Lidgey, Elevate Group CSO, has been matched with:  

Lucy Thibaud, FR Account Manager 

Murat Tikic, DE Account Manager 

Alissa Trott, DE&AT Management Assistant  

Jon Horsman, Elevate Group CTO, has been matched with:  

Agnes Wrodarczyk, UK Business Development Manager  

Kristi Green, US Account Manager 

Jonas Willuhn, Elevate Group CGO, has been matched with: 

Josh Lassman, US Account Manager 

Will Jefferson, US Payroll Manager 

Julie Reed, France Managing Director, has been matched with:  

Angie Current, US Account Manager 

Joe Sheppard, UK Managing Director, has been matched with: 

Pareiss Prudent, UK Senior Account Manager 

Sara Foly, 1CRM Test Lead 

Michael Vajda, US Managing Director, has been matched with:  

Florencia Giampaoletti, Business Analyst 

Vicky Karwowski, Regional Product and Process Lead 

Abi Harris, Global Client Partner, has been matched with: 

Fiona Smyth, FR Staffing Manager 

Kristin Elliot, US Senior Account Manager 

Sophie O’Connor, HR Director, has been matched with: 

Ally Caudill, US Community Manager 

Sarah Wangler, DE Operations Director 

MY Ma, Global Operations Director, has been matched with:  

Marina Kotova, Interational Account Manager 

Laurence Maestracci, Regional Process & Product Lead 

Layla Evans, Senior Project Director, has been matched with: 

Martin Rapatout, FR HR Manager 

Portia Child, Global Operations Executive 

Nolh Valbon, Staffing Director, has been matched with: 

Phillip Tirpitz, Staffing Director 

Sedir Mike El-Ali, DE Staffing Assistant 

Claudia Hohmann, Global Finance Director, has been matched with:  

Nour Medhi, FR Account Executive 

Nicola Calica, UK Staffing Executive, has been matched with:  

Esther Sicot, FR Office Manager