Choosing The Right Event Staff For Your Brand

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  • Tamara Olori
  • 20 April 2023
  • 2 Min Read

As an experienced event staffing agency, we understand the importance of selecting the right event staff to represent your brand. Having carefully developed a 40,000-strong, global pool of brand ambassadors we’re able to source and identify the most suitable people for each event based on our client’s specific requirements and specifications.

At Elevate, we conduct thorough screenings and interviews to ensure that the event staff we provide have the necessary skills and experience required. We take into account factors such as previous event experience, industry knowledge, and any special skills and knowledge too. This not only guarantees that our client’s brands are represented by knowledgeable individuals but also saves our clients time and effort that would otherwise be spent on interviewing and screening potential staff members.

In addition to hard skills, we understand the critical importance of soft skills in making an event successful. We ensure that the event staff we provide have excellent communication, problem-solving, and adaptability skills. We know that these skills can make a significant difference in ensuring that an activation runs smoothly, which is why we pay close attention to them during our screening process.

To ensure that your brand is represented effectively, we provide ongoing training and support to the event staff we provide. Working with you as our client, we ensure to provide training and knowledge on your brand, activation goals, messaging and any technical elements required for the event as well. This ensures that our field staff are equipped with the necessary tools to handle any situation that may arise during the event.

Alongside brand-related training, we’ve developed a training programme for our field staff that focuses on sustainability and DE&I, helping our field staff gain new skills and knowledge. #ElevatingPeople is our training platform, launched in 2022 to help our brand ambassadors stand out amongst the crowd. Find out more about this here.

In conclusion, partnering with an event staffing agency can make a significant difference in ensuring the success of an event. At Elevate, we have the expertise and resources to identify and provide the most suitable individuals to represent our clients’ brands. By working with us, our clients can ensure that their brands are represented professionally and effectively, ultimately leading to the success of their events.

If you’re looking to work with a new staffing agency, we’d love to hear from you.