Sustainability and Events: How We’re Looking to Make a Change at Elevate 

Elevating Purpose

  • Tamara Olori
  • 29 June 2023
  • 3 Min Read

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) hosted a Sustainability conference this month featuring a range of speakers and workshops. Why? To discuss how the events industry has been getting on with its ESG goals, and where the focus needs to be in the future. 

Our UK Managing Director, Joe Sheppard, was invited along to share his perspective on sustainable targets, and the future of the promotional merchandise industry. While the events industry faces numerous sustainability related issues, we firmly believe that by doing our part, we can all bring about significant improvements when it comes to waste management. 

Joe talked about Elevating Purpose – our plan for social and environmental action, emphasising our commitment to using our global platform to do good for our people, local communities, and our planet. 

With this comes our #ElevatingPeople training course, which was created in partnership with isla – a company whose mission is to help the event industry transition to a sustainable future. Our COO, Carina Filek, sits on the board of isla, further highlighting our commitment to promoting sustainability within Elevate. The ‘Sustainability’ module was designed to teach our field staff more about the current climate, and ways they can be more eco-friendly at events.  

To help with the wider picture, we know how important it is to be experts to our clients. With that comes asking the right questions, and offering well-informed, sustainable recommendations when it comes to purchasing merch for events.  

Our Elevate Impact brand intelligence platform, allows us to do this further by offering the possibility of in-depth sustainability reporting metrics such as staff mode of transport, staff distance travelled, event waste, sustainability score and many more. Not only is this important to us, but we want to encourage every brand we work with to consider their own carbon footprint and environmental impact. Reporting on sustainability through Impact allows our clients to track and manage their event sustainability and work to improve it with each event.

Following the event Joe commented, “I enjoyed being part of the event very much. The speakers that I saw were knowledgeable, supportive and direct. The day felt purpose driven which is exactly what we need to support the cause, but also the health of our industry. I left with a bunch of ideas and energy to step up my own efforts.”  

To learn how you can reduce your brand’s carbon footprint with our Elevate Impact tool, request a proposal with us today.