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Sex Education & Stellar

Elevate partnered with long-term clients Stellar to support Netflix with the launch of the new season of Sex Education.

Our BA’s were tasked to get as many people interested and engaged to drive higher viewership rates for the new season of Netflix’s hit series Sex Education.


4 locations

4 days, 32 hours

16 brand ambassadors

Including an extra from the show itself

Huge success for Netflix

One of the highest viewed shows in Netflix history

What We Did

We had to carefully select a range of brand ambassadors that not only had the energy and excitement for the event, but who had also seen the first season of the show and had the knowledge to support the consumers with any questions or queries and the enthusiasm to remain dressed in character uniforms.

How We Did It

Our passionate team of field staff took on the 4 day challenge, and we even recruited a show extra to support the BAs at London’s installation.