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The Toblerone Vault

The Toblerone Vault

Increasing brand awareness of new Toblerone chocolate product at immersive pop-up in London​.

On-Site Talent


Total Chocolates Sampled


Vault Codes Cracked


What We Did

Elevate assisted Hopper with their Toblerone Pop-Up shop in central London called The Toblerone Vault. We provided a team of five: one Event Manager, two sampling Brand Ambassadors and two staff to play characters at the activation including the security guard.

How We Did It

Customers were given the chance to win a box of Toblerone truffles by cracking a code to a safe. The pop-up was based around a premium jewellers store to promote Toblerone’s diamond shaped truffles which, for the first time, were not in the iconic triangular Toblerone shape. The team helped drum up excitement about the product and game that could be played.​