The Most Captivating Activations by Beauty Brands of the Year


  • Elevate Staffing
  • 27 May 2024
  • 4 Min Read

Beauty brands benefit from activations, maybe more than any other products. That’s because like well-loved cosmetics, a brilliant activation is personal, shareable and memorable. Well-crafted and well-executed activations create unforgettable buzz. They showcase the product in action and place people at the heart of the experience. In a world where influence is user-generated, these activations – from samples to pop-ups to VR – are the most interactive and effective way for the beauty industry to engage with consumers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best beauty brands we’ve worked with, and how they created a beautiful brand experience that our staff enhanced.  

1. Dyson’s Styling Tour

Dyson’s Styling Tour travelled to premium retail spaces and festivals around the UK. Why? to give consumers a hands-on experience with innovative Dyson haircare technology and products. The crowds had the chance to use products for personal styling to Discover their Dyson Style with interactive demos. Dyson used Elevate Event Managers and Brand Ambassadors to bring the brand to life. The Elevate team were selected for their authentic enthusiasm in the industry and given specific training to showcase in-depth product knowledge. The Elevate staffing team translated their talents into exceptional consumer engagement (and some very gorgeous styles).

2. Soap & Glory Roadshow 

Additionally, Elevate selected and transformed an exceptional team of makeup artists and beauticians into Glory Girls, to help Soap & Glory amplify their brand, grow their presence and target consumers in a unique range of activations across the UK, US and EU. The Glory Girls were at the heart of these activations, offering make-overs, styling and even dance classes to crowds around the world. We recruited skilled and passionate people and provided extensive training to ensure they could embody the Soap & Glory experience. It was so successful that the Glory Girls have become spokesmodels for the brand, the global team distributed over 85,000 samples and Elevate event staff reached over 3m consumers. The glory has continued since 2016, with Elevate and Soap & Glory enjoying an ongoing, long-term partnership.  

3. GHD Promotional Tour 

Elevate joined forces with world-renowned brand GHD, to bring their technology to life in a year-long promotional campaign featuring a series of dynamic activations across Germany. We deployed a network of Brand Ambassadors with specific expertise in hair-styling and beauty. From product launches and presentations to engaging pop-ups, makeup and haircare stations, and much more.  The Elevate, GHD partnership has been a journey of creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of brand experiences. And it’s still growing! Soon we’ll be expanding our horizons with activations in France and the Netherlands, continuing to bring unparalleled experiences to our audiences. This collaboration signifies our commitment to delivering exceptional moments across the beauty sector with world-class brands. 

4. Kylie Cosmetics Glam Park 

Kylie Cosmetics and Boots partnered on a large-scale “Glam Park” pop-up in in London’s iconic Covent Garden. For four days, our Brand Ambassadors were tasked with engaging attendees. This was a fully immersive and unique beauty experience to promote the latest product launches unforgettably. There were different activation zones for consumers to interact with, like style and skin consultations, a virtual reality world, a glam shop in partnership with Boots, interactive games, complimentary giveaways, and many social sharing opportunities. The result? Over 206k consumer engagements, 617 sold products and a brand awareness score of 70%! 

5. Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Mascara Campaign 

Moreover, in partnership with Moonlab, Elevate recruited and trained over 100 event staff to support Benefit Cosmetics during their Fan Fest Mascara campaign. For this three-month, global campaign we installed multiple AR experiences, digital pop-ups and in-store support. Elevate brand ambassadors around the world spread the word about the new product, ensuring a seamless brand experience for consumers. The campaign went to Leeds, London and Manchester. To destinations around Europe like Dusseldorf, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Paris and to states across the US. 

Our team worked tirelessly handing out samples and guiding visitors through the AR activation. The campaign garnered global attention and boosted sales of Benefit’s exciting new products.  

Beauty activations are a fantastic way of creating experiences that are memorable and engaging. Brands can use activations to showcase products, teach techniques and ways to use products, and create new stories that have real life impact. The best activations generate authentic shareable moments and are genuinely immersive. They should leave customers feeling like they’ve had a unique experience.  

The beauty industry is continuously evolving, and brands that can tap into the changing market will come out on top. If you need help pushing the boundaries of your marketing budgets, or are excited by any of the ideas above, get in touch with Elevate today.  

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