Do You Know the Brand Ambassadors Representing Your Brand?

How well do you know the event staff representing your agency? If they walked up to your client and delivered the event’s talking points, would you beam with pride or cringe with embarrassment? Maybe you don’t know because perhaps you don’t really know who you’ve hired?

In the fast paced world of events we are often tasked with recruiting large amounts of staff in unreasonably short amounts of time. An e-mail comes through from a client on Friday at 4pm asking for 15 staff on Sunday morning, but make sure all own flower print shorts and are okay shaving their heads. Oh! and no one under 6 foot 1, please! Fight or flight mode kicks in, and you cast a wide net, bring in whoever you can, you are only concerned with getting it staffed. You look in your database for anyone that fits the description and see half complete profiles with phone numbers that contain only 9 numbers and pixelated group shots from a college party. Big J Harrison is available but you’re not sure what he or she looks like because they never uploaded anything at all. KarleeX is available but you’re pretty sure that’s not her real name. That’s life in an agency, right? WRONG!

Tools for Success

Obviously, screening and vetting staff is important. It’s easy to ask a whirlwind of questions, make sure the staff speaks English relatively well, and then book them. If you want your company to succeed, your events need to do more than just execute with mediocre Brand Ambassadors. The difference between an event that finishes with most of your roster intact, versus one that has the client asking for staff emails so they can personally thank them afterwards is huge. Ensuring your campaign is a success needs to include hiring great promotional staff, which starts with knowing who you are hiring.

Video profiles and introductions are invaluable when booking brand ambassadors and presenting them to your client. You can only convey so much about your staff’s personality on a PDF profile and you never really know if any of it is true. It would be so much easier if you could just meet them all face to face in your office, right? Budgets and lead times don’t always allow for casting sessions, so utilizing a staffing agency that really know how to present brand ambassadors with full transparency is key to getting the staffing element right.

Having a video profile for each member of your team allows clients to get a real sense of who they are hiring. You ever see that show Catfish? Well, it happens with event staffing. Miriam sounded a little gruff on the phone but her pictures look good and she did quite a bit of in-store demonstrations using the Ronco Food Dehydrator. In 1994. Turns out her pictures are from 1994 too, and your client requested staff under the age of 25.

Video profiles not only confirm that your staff are indeed who they claim to be, but you get an insight into who they’re going to be when your event goes live. Does this sound like a lot of effort for a brand ambassador who wants to apply for a 3 day activation? If a candidate can’t produce a quick selfie-style video on their smart phone, then there’s a chance that they aren’t going to be your shining star on game day.

Finding staff who will go the extra mile and take pride in their performance is essential. From a staffing agency perspective, it’s a huge amount of additional time spent on recruitment. A team of hard working staff that enjoy working for your agency will keep the clients coming back for more. To find these teams you need to dig a little deeper and ask a little more from your employees.  You’ll be quite happy with the results!


At Elevate, we know this process works. For the last 4 years, we’ve driven the use of video profiles as a tool for our business across all the clients we work with. The results speak for themselves. The additional time taken during recruitment means you have get best-fit staff and a time efficient delivery, without the need for replacements for staff members who aren’t quite up to scratch when they arrive on site. Give us a shout if you’d like to partner with us on your next event!


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