Our activities impact upon the environment not just through our day to day business operations, but also through our influence on our events. We cater for thousands of people at events, festivals and public locations . They’re big. They’re often messy. We know there is huge potential for damage to the environment at an event so Elevate is committed to ensuring the immediate surroundings of our experiences and the wider environment are protected each and every time we’re in charge.


Our mission is to help the delivery of exceptional experiences and events that make a positive contribution to society and our shared future. We aim to ensure that our staff who will play a major part in the management of our clients work are conscious of all areas that can make a positive difference to our planet. We aim to manage our operations with pioneering environmental practices and social responsibility at their core. We endeavour to play a leadership role, inspiring our clients, the wider staffing industry and society to make positive changes that contribute to happiness and a positive future for all life on the planet.

Business summary

Elevate is an event staffing company, mobilising people into work throughout the UK, EU and US.  We are committed to becoming a pioneering, green and socially responsible agency. We are investing into research in many industry initiatives and aim to be leading agency of our kind when it comes to corporate social responsibility by the end of 2021.

Environmental statement

We are committed to having the lowest possible negative impact on the natural world, and endeavour to make a net positive contribution by:

  • Incorporating a consideration of environmental issues into all relevant aspects of our activities
  • Embracing relevant environmental legislative, regulatory and other requirements
  • Adopting relevant and appropriate environmental objectives & targets and monitoring progress against them
  • Reducing the pollution arising as a consequence of our activities
  • Actively measuring and monitoring environmental impacts
  • Minimising the overall carbon (C02e) impact(s)
  • Reducing waste and managing disposal responsibly
  • Reducing supply chain impacts of all types
  • Identifying and capitalising on positive behaviour change opportunities
  • Managing relationships with fairness and social responsibility

We recognise that events have several key areas of negative impacts including:

  • Our staff, audience and contractor travel
  • Supply chain and sourcing
  • Energy and fuel consumption
  • Waste production and management

We also acknowledge that our business and events are uniquely placed to inspire and improve our supply chain, contractors and audiences to lead to a more sustainable future.

Reducing Impacts

Elevate is committed to addressing its impacts in all areas of the business.


Each office is expected to adhere to the Company Sustainable Procurement Policy and all tenants are asked to follow the guidance.

All office sites are expected to have in place:

  • Energy efficiency and/or renewable tariff (where possible)
  • Recycling Systems
  • Ethical purchasing (e.g. FSC and Fairtrade products)

An annual review of progress and performance will ensure continuous improvement.


Elevate sets minimum standards and targets for continuous improvement across all events:

  • Annual Green Action Plan
  • Sustainable Travel Policy
  • Monitoring and measuring impacts
  • Waste Management Policy

The team recognises the value in existing relationships, and where possible works with existing stakeholders to make the changes required to meet the above.

Continuous Improvement

Elevate recognises that reducing impacts is an on-going process of improvement, and that resource and budget constraints will necessitate a pragmatic approach and prioritisation. However, we are committed to a process of reviewing our performance annually in order to identify successes and improvements, informing changes to strategy.

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Company Directors.

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