Here is What You Need for the Best Pop-Up Shop

If you’ve ever had to use the restroom in NYC, and had to really go, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. Fighting the crowds, being turned away in places or finding one that’s not filthy can hinder your already precarious situation. In fact, it’s such a problem, there are several webpages and articles dedicated to sharing intel on the best area bathrooms. But, NYC residents of – and tourists to – the Lower East Side can rejoice in a newly available restroom. It may only be for five days, but it will be an experience they won’t soon forget.

A pop-up shop, dubbed the “poop-up,” is coming to the Big Apple. And, its hosts – bidet manufacturer, Tushy, and Poo-Pourri, known for toilet sprays – are encouraging everyone to come do their business in its sensational setting. Both companies’ products will be available for use, which makes it a huge draw compared to other NYC bathrooms. But, what makes it the most unique, outside of its clever name, is its activities. These include a ball pit shaped like a toilet and filled with poop emoji balls, as well as a photo booth inside a disco-themed port-a-potty. It may sound ridiculous, but the “poop-up” just may be one of the best pop-ups of 2018.

What Makes the Best Pop-Up Shop

Pop up shops have become increasingly commonplace, with many shopping districts keeping precious space open to host a revolving door of brands. Event marketers, brands and agencies have discovered that these temporary locations are effective to reach various goals. Like Tushy and Poo-Pourri, it may be to create awareness. Or, it may be to test a new market, launch a new product in a current market, take advantage of big shopping seasons, or take online sales offline, among others. Whatever the aim, pop-up shops let brands execute with minimal costs compared to a permanent location, which requires a lease, large amounts of inventory, and more. But, what’s in it for consumers?

The “poop-up” pop-up, for example, allows people to get hands-on – a smart tactic. Not only does this provide a transparent look at products, 48% say being able to try something new in-store makes for a better experience. And, we know experience is important to today’s consumer, who prefers to buy experiences over material goods. Further, the activation offers “massclusivity,” letting everyday consumers test a bidet, which are rare in most homes. The poop-up creates a strong sense of FOMO, since it only lasts five days, which drives consumers in before the chance is gone. Last, it provides value. People can stop in and have a unique and fun time in the process.

In short, the best pop-up shop will offer benefits for brands and consumers alike.

3 Ways Pop Up Shops Can Create a Mutually-Beneficial Experience

In a time when pop-up shops are on every corner, brands must consider more than their targeted demographics and locations. As a CNBC article puts it, “Generic stores and static brands don’t quite cut it anymore with experience-hungry millennials who want to show the world they’re unique.” It all comes down to your ability to provide a valued experience. The following tips deliver benefits for both brands and consumers.

1. Offer something personal.

Coming into 2018, retailers were told that tailoring to the individual would be the key to their consumer engagement strategy. It would help them be relevant and connect with consumers. But, contrary to beliefs, the answer is not in simply mining the data to provide the best retail customer experience. Consumers want things of value. And, that’s just what Yankee Candle provided in its holiday 2017 pop-up in NYC. In fact, its usual products sat in a corner of the store, while custom jars took center stage. The brand understood the draw of the experience.

Choosing the tailor-made route allowed shoppers to pick a candle fragrance and style, then provide an image to feature on the candle’s label. Various themed activities kept them occupied until they received the final product, which they could then wrap and ship from the shop.

2. Bring in an influencer

TMZ reported Kylie Jenner’s recent pop-up shop to have almost shut down the city of San Francisco. While a slight exaggeration, the planned appearance of Kylie herself did draw hundreds of fans. Some even camped out overnight to hold their spot in line to meet the reality star and makeup mogul. And, while the budgets of most event marketers and agencies don’t accommodate the likes of Kylie, other influencers can attract crowds, too. It’s a proven tactic for beauty brands, for example.

Consider Glossier, one of this year’s top challenger brands. For its London pop up last fall, one article reported influencers to have driven 10,000 visitors in one week. Around the same time, KISS Products hosted two popular vloggers to promote its lash and nail products at its NYC pop-up shop. Over the course of two days, the activation allowed visitors to meet the influencers, as well as to get makeovers and manicures, letting them try the brand’s wares before they buy.

3. Make technology a key component.

Marketers are applying in-store event tech in amazing ways to increase customer engagement. Some use it for function, such as allowing consumers to try on clothes virtually, while others use it to wow shoppers. UK-based fashion brand, Topshop, is a prime example. In its flagship store in London, people donned virtual reality headsets to take a waterslide ride around the iconic street on which the store is located. Even better, they put the activation in the front window to stop passersby and draw them in.

On the other hand, Brandless, an online startup offering grocery and household items for $3, is using event tech for function. At its recent L.A. pop up, product sampling programs allowed consumers to, again, try before they buy – a tactic that’s known to result in as much as a 600% increase in sales. For those they liked, they could order individual products via mobile devices. Or, they could choose to purchase product bundles by scanning QR codes. Brandless then shipped their orders directly to their homes, instead of consumers lugging them out. And, the brand reduced costs with no inventory on-site, making the initiative mutually beneficial for all.

At Elevate, we have the event staff you need to execute the best pop up shop. Let our product specialists, event tech experts, and more create a mutually beneficial experience for you and your customers.


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