Meet The Leader : Steffen Brandt, MD of elevate Germany

Following the opening of our Europe offices, we invited members of our leadership team to answer five questions about themselves, helping staff and our clients get to know them better.

Today we’re meeting Steffen Brandt, who joined us in 2021 to lead the German market and develop elevate’s European activities.

How do you see elevate’s expansion in Germany in pandemic times?

The past couple of years made us rethink a lot of things, including our set-up and activity. Due to Covid, a huge number of promotions and campaigns went down. This opened new doors for us, though, and we discovered new opportunities such as Covid testing in centers, where we provided staff daily to help fight the virus.

We are part of our global network, and this gives us the opportunity to deliver consistent events and campaigns across the globe. Between the five elevate markets, we exchange and transfer knowledge and best practices, allowing even new markets to be well prepared for the future.

It’s the year of returning to experiences. How can brands prepare themselves for this?

From a consumer perspective, we expect a lot from all brands. During these two years, we had the time to rethink about what’s important, and sustainability is a huge part of this.

We also want high-quality and honest engagement. Consumers want to enjoy brand activations; they want to see passion, and they want to have fun!

These expectations need to be considered by the brands when planning activations. Brands need to make sure they deliver events with passion, and to bring back love for life. It’s what we’ve been missing as consumers during the last couple of years. Of course, all the while having more responsibility regarding our environment.

What about elevate? How are you preparing for this year?

At elevate, we’re in permanent process of change and improvement. We always take a step back and rethink our business model and how we’re executing our plans.

A subject we want to focus on more, is how we speak to our field staff. We understand that after the pandemic, people want to do a lot of things and start some new adventures. We understand that some might not want to work every day, or some maybe want to start their own business. What we offer them by signing up to our platform, is a bunch of opportunities available for every schedule, and will allow them to explore different and new businesses, industries and missions.

We also invest in our staff’s training and education because we see them as a part of the team and our community. And we want them to feel that way too.

How do you evaluate the events sector in Germany? And would you change anything in it?

The last two years taught us to be creative. We came up with new event formats we were not familiar with before, and that is great!

There are so many great ideas out there, and we realize that there is a lot more to come.

The challenge here is that there might be new formats that we’re not aware of and therefore we need to be more flexible with regards to our own structure.

What is the most productive way for you to start your day?

 I usually start with a healthy breakfast at 6:45 a.m., and that’s so I can catch the train to work. In summer I have a few more minutes as I will cycle to work.

Then I listen to music, and what’s important for me are the lyrics. I want to hear inspiring and meaningful words, that energize and motivate me.

I finish my day usually reading a good book, at least a few pages in order to relax and fall asleep happy !

To finish, do you have any piece of advice you want to share with us?

If you don’t love something, put effort to make yourself love it. And if it doesn’t work, just leave it: Love it, change it, or leave it.





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