Staffing teams tailored to tech

It’s much easier to sell technology when you’re already an expert  

Staffing for tech events is a unique assignment that demands special attention. When we work with the most prestigious tech firms in the world, we know that our brand ambassadors will be held to the highest possible standards. As with any event or client, enthusiasm and authenticity are a top priority. But with tech products we also need to consider expertise.  

Tech is a complex and wide-ranging arena populated by the world’s biggest brands. Our clients need staffing for NPD launches, Product Roadshows and Tech-Reveal Events amongst many others.  Unlike promoting something as ubiquitous as say, a soda or a car, these projects demand a more specific type of person with a real interest in the product.  

Our recruitment process selects candidates that deeply understand the brand and their products, so they can convincingly and consistently communicate new developments, features and functions. We then provide intensive training to nurture a deep understanding and excitement for the product. This unique combination of prior knowledge and devotion builds trust and enhances event experiences for clients and customers alike.   

By immersing potential customers in an interactive experience, businesses can create a strong and lasting impression. When done well, with the right staff, experiential marketing leads to increased brand awareness, positive customer interactions, and improved sales.  

Our Brand Ambassadors are often tech bloggers in their own right. We have a BA in the UK with over 27,000 who follow his Fortnite content.  One in the US, who hosts his own AI channel.  And a German BA, who’s mad about 90’s gaming consoles!  

In fact, our current CRM shows that over 7,200 of our staffing teams have direct technology experience in the field, with 67% of them having been active in the last 18 months.    

And on any given day this year (2022), we’ve had an average of 354 team members, demonstrating, selling, or promoting tech products around the world.  

More effective 

Earlier this year we carried out research, using Impact – our brand experience data and insights platform – to investigate the brand engagement of our teams across different categories.   

On average our technology teams engage with clients for 2minute, 10 seconds, compared to FMCG (55 seconds) and Drinks (1 minute 7 seconds).  And they have a much higher engagement rate vs. event footfall %, 32% engagement, vs. 16% in Grocery and 18% in Food.  

Showing that they need to be fully immersed in the brand, have the ability to tell technology stories and connect with consumers at a higher, more personalized level. 

Client cases 

We have partnered with Ellipses to provide research, spokespeople, and promoters to help spread the app, reduce waste and clean up cities. These Brand Ambassadors are environmentally friendly as well as being tech savvy.  

For industry leaders in games like Nintendo, Oculus and EA Fan fest we sent mascots, gamers and influencers with real game experience.  

When Uber launched a new system for arrivals at airports to book cars without the app, our team helped guide people through the system. It was a two-way street because our team were then able to provide user feedback to Uber so the UX could be optimised.  

With all our tech clients, from the giants to the start-ups, our priority is recruiting and assigning Brand Ambassadors who will feel genuine excitement at the event. While the technology can be complex, the core of the task isn’t, carefully selected, well-trained teams make tech events come to life.   

If you need well trained staff to bring your technology to consumers get in touch with team Elevate now!


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