This is the New Face of Experiential Marketing Events

Cosmetic procedures are on the rise in the U.S. Since the year 2000, the number performed has increased almost 200%, with 17.5 million done last year alone. Nose reshaping and eyelid surgery were among the top five cosmetic surgical procedures. The others dealt with matters below the neck. Yet, it’s the facelift recipients who, according to a new study, are viewed in positive ways than their looks. Survey respondents also believe these people to be healthier and more successful than those who haven’t been under the knife.

This news confirms patients’ reasons for wanting the work done. They want to feel prettier or more handsome in their own eyes, as well as others. Or, they want to change their look, perhaps to mirror a trait of someone else. But, sometimes, the reason is also to fix issues, such as with muscle tone – problems that keep them from achieving the results they desire. Interesting enough, event marketers and agencies face similar challenges in staffing experiential marketing events.

One issue they have is finding event staff who personify the look and feel of the brand. Consumers aren’t able to perceive them the intended way. Or, they may discover staff don’t have the right skills – the muscle – to fulfill the goals at hand. In short, event marketers and agencies may need to improve the “face” of their efforts. Yet, the fact is, this undertaking is inevitable. With the ever-changing scope of experiential marketing, they must stay on top of event staffing efforts.

How the Changing Faces of Event Staff and Experiential Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Experiential marketing isn’t new; it’s been used to draw a crowd and make sales for well over a century. In fact, it was 125 years ago when the lady who portrayed the infamous Aunt Jemima served up pancakes at the World’s Fair, while telling the brand’s story. Her efforts drew 50,000 orders. This experiential marketing tactic – product demos– is still in use today. But, like then, it’s only effective when securing the right person or people to carry it out. And, with consumers’ expectations changing with the times, strategies for experiential marketing events and their staffing change, too.

Event marketers and agencies must find ways to make a bigger brand impact. For some, activations grow grander in scale. For others, they provide truly unique ways to connect with consumers. In the end, it’s these connections that matter most. This means event staff can no longer stand behind a table and give a scripted speech. Millennials and Gen Z expect two-way conversations that provide authentic and intelligent answers. This means plans must always support ways to deepen consumer engagement. And, to provide the experiences consumers desire at the same time, event staff, like “Aunt Jemima,” must be able to multi-task, while doing each task well. In adapting, brand ambassador roles have expanded in new and surprising ways. Event marketers and agencies now have access to the versatile, yet highly adept event staff they never knew they’d need.

New Roles in Experiential Marketing Events

Event staff with theatrical backgrounds are now regularly called upon as more event marketers and agencies seek people to truly personify brands. These individuals can also play roles in immersive experiences, such as those you might encounter at Comic-ConMakeup artists are another specialty in high demand. This is from companies in the beauty industry. It’s even those outside that want to offer attendees’ value – ways to freshen up – at music festivals and other events. Yet, this is only scraping the surface.

Below are a few other event staff roles needed for today’s experiential marketing events. Event marketers and agencies find, with these brand ambassadors, they’re able to put their best “face” forward to win consumers.

Virtual reality (VR) techs.

By the end of this year, the VR market is expected to grow by 25% among consumers, making it mainstream technology. While many of the world’s biggest brands have been using VR marketing for a few years, it’s becoming more commonplace for the rest, knowing its appeal among the public. VR can lend a “wow” factor to experiential marketing events, and that’s not just for tech companies. Event tech has been used for everything from cause marketing to alcohol promotions with high success. But, that’s only true when it’s executed right, which puts trained VR techs in high demand.

Brands that engage in VR marketing not only face the challenge of hiring event staff with VR knowledge. It may need to be platform specific, such as being well-versed on Oculus Rift. Plus, they must find individuals who portray their look and values. It’s hard to believe, but these people are available. Event marketers and agencies only need to engage the right event staffing agency.


Millennials do not stick to the same alcoholic beverage. They can often be found ordering wine, spirits, or beer and of any brand. This keeps alcohol brands on their toes as they work to offer an experience – one thing to which we know this generation remains true. And, that’s where mixologists come in.

Mixologists take bartending a step further by creating cocktails that are unique and visually appealing. It can be an experience itself to watch your drink being made. But, with experiential marketing events, marketers and agencies can broaden the allure by involving attendees. Patron Tequila gave us a great example with its Art of Patron event in Los Angeles. Guests picked their favorite rim spices and then let a brand ambassador make a blend with a mortar and pestle for an ingenious souvenir.

This event staff role is not only for alcohol brands either. Even airline company JetBlue has used mixologists in-flight to wow passengers. The trick to any activation using these type of brand ambassadors is to verify certifications and a high level of skill, while ensuring a good fit with the brand.

Health and fitness enthusiasts.

Cosmetic procedures hit an all-time record high in the U.K. in 2015. But, in 2016, something much different happened. The number fell 40% as people began to focus on being relatable and worrying less about appearance. The country is also seeing a boom in non-alcoholic beer sales as its residents look to be healthier. This isn’t just a trend in the U.K. though. Millennials are driving the movement in the U.S., too.

The availability of health-conscious foods and beverages proves it. It’s these companies you’ll find hosting mobile marketing tours, traveling around to hand out product samples. And, they’ll want people who embody the brand to engage consumers. Yet, other brands are going the extra mile to show their commitments to health and fitness.

Sporting goods retailer, REI, partners with the Ragnar overnight running relay series and has set up a campsite for participants to relax and enjoy various activities. Adidas constantly uses experiential marketing events to engage communities based on interests – from fitness to individual sports, where they get hands-on in the specific areas. Its key to success is a thorough event staff selection process to gage passion and test skills. In short, it leaves no stone unturned in its quest to ensure the right faces are on its front lines.


At Elevate, we’ve got all the event staff roles you need, anywhere across the globe.


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