Top 7 Traits of the Right Promo Staffing Agency

Did you know, for some Americans, the journey to buy a vehicle can last up to three months? It starts by making a list of potential brands, which are reviewed and shortened over the coming weeks. For those brands that remain, we’ll get hands-on with test drives and evaluate our financing options before making our final decisions.

It’s a detailed system, but one that makes sense, considering the cost of our vehicles and the importance we place on them. We rely on them to get us safely from point A to point B and to help us maintain a certain appearance in the process. In experiential marketing, the same can be said for promo staff. These people engage consumers to help guide them to adopt certain beliefs about our brands, while representing our brand image and ideals. Why would we neglect to put the same level of care in choosing of our promo staffing agency? 

The Importance of Your Event Staffing Partner

When partnering with a promo staffing agency, their team in many ways gains control of your event and experiential marketing activations. After all, the results will only be as good as those people who are steering your attendees into action. For starters, brands must have promo staff who embody their image and put forward their best “face.”

Yet, appearance and personality aren’t enough. They must also have excellent communication skills and be able to think fast on their feet. They should be perceptive and skilled to adapt to various consumer temperaments, while still selling your brand. It’s a job critical to achieving marketing goals and maximizing event ROI.

A capable event staffing agency can ease the burden for program directors and marketing agencies through access to the best talent. Their team can screen individuals based on appearance, skills or certifications to ensure the best fit. And, they can train them on brand messaging and event specifics to help guarantee optimal performance. Yet, the path to effective promo staffing is paved with many promo staffing agencies. So, how do you make sure you choose the right one?

How to Find the Right Promo Staffing Agency

The good news is countless brands and marketing agencies have engaged staffing agencies and can be great sources for information in your search. Yet, you’ll want to do your own due diligence to be certain you choose the right one for your needs. Let these seven traits guide you in reviewing and shortening your list to arrive at your decision.

1. Versatile.

Experiential marketing takes on many forms. As brands grow and change, they may require one or more various means to get up-close and personal with consumers. That makes a promo staffing company with experience in street teams, product demos, PR stunts and more a valuable partner. With direct knowledge and experience in all types of activations, you can be confident the agency is equipped to perform for your brand. Plus, event diversity translates to diversity in their talent pool as well, which ensures you will have the right people representing your brand.

2. Experienced.

An event staffing agency may have had its hands in several types of activations. But, how deep is their knowledge? An experienced company will be able to share examples as well as insight related to execution. They should be up-to-date on new industry trends and consumer expectations. Ask for references or request case studies to certify the agency is up to the task. In turn, you can ensure your investment and your brand’s future are in trusted hands.

3. Responsive.

While you evaluate your list of potential staffing partners, how responsive is each agency? Do they get back to you quickly? Do they give thorough answers and insight to your questions? Are they friendly and does their culture and values match your own? Your initial interactions in the earliest stages can give you an idea of how it’ll be to work with them when it matters most. So, take note of their team’s communication skills. If they’re not up to par, your promo staff may lack the caliber you need, too.

4. Enthusiastic.

Not only should your interaction with your promo staffing agency be focused and cordial, their team should show enthusiasm in working with you. This includes an interest in your brand, your industry and your current and future goals. Passion for these details will lend to their ability to provide the best service. In short, enthusiasm on top of experience can add greater value to your event activations.

5. Resourceful. 

Speaking of added value, an expert promo staffing agency will be skilled in areas outside of staffing. For instance, they may understand the ins and outs of several aspects of event logistics, including sourcing space and obtaining permits. They will have also interfaced with complementary service providers and may be able to suggest trusted sources for lead generation or event technology. Certain promo staff, who have worked with the agency for a while, may also have experience working with the agency’s various resources and partners for seamless use at your events. In the end, this lends to their success – and yours.

6. Thorough.

When you “interview” promo staffing partners, you’ll want to determine how thorough they are operationally. For example, do they hire promo staff as W-2 employees? If so, this helps mitigate the risk associated with misclassifying staff as 1099 contract workers. In this case, their compliance protects you as the client, as often the hiring agency is also held liable for any associated fines and fees.

Another aspect you’ll want them to be experts in is training. Make sure they have defined training processes and delivery means for ensuring retention of brand messaging and event details. The right promo staffing agency will ensure staff are fully equipped with the information you want consumers to take away.

7. Goal-oriented.

You know you want a staffing partner that is enthusiastic about your goals. But, how can they truly demonstrate their commitment to achieving results? The right partner will offer real-time reporting with clear quantitative and qualitative feedback. This allows you to track your program goals, staff performance, and more, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

At Elevate, we put client services, staff performance, and reaching our clients’ goals at the forefront. Learn how we’ve got our eyes on the road to your success.


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