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Elevate works with Givenchy to help customers to find their perfect natural glow

Givenchy wanted to promote its luxury Prisme Libre makeup across several shopping locations in the UK: Lakeside, Meadowhall, and Edinburgh, with Elevate’s expert beauty ambassadors the campaign saw huge success!. With Elevate’s help, the campaign encouraged hundreds of potential customers to try the product and match them with their perfect shade.



100% Staff compliance

Customer engagement

875 Invitations handed out

Social media engagement

Created a buzz across social media

What We Did

Elevate was responsible for providing brand ambassadors that could encapsulate the Givenchy brand and its values, organising vehicle logistics, in addition to sourcing the cake pops in six different colours and supplying the eye-catching photo wall.

How We Did It

We work with the best beauty brand ambassadors in the industry and know how to select the right staff that will encapsulate a brands ethos. Our team of experts encouraged customers to interact with the activation and discover the brand – this was made super personal for the customer as they got to participate in a free make up session where the perfect Prisme Libre shade was selected just for them! From the personal make up consultation through to the social media element of the activation our Bas handled it seamlessly – seeing huge engagement on the Givenchy hastag #Prismelibre across all social channels.