Launch your next best-seller with hands-on ambassadors


We help brands create impactful product launches with comprehensive event staffing services that put your innovations front and center. Whether you need expo staff for an industry event or you’re hosting an intimate reveal party, we’re here to boost your next launch to best-seller status.  

Power your next product launch in 3 simple steps:

Hire event staff

Looking to unveil your next launch at a private event? Our global network of conference staff professionals is here to give you hands-on support for your big reveal.

Measure the moment

We make it easy to know exactly when and where to launch your next product campaign with data-driven event management software that analyzes consumer interactions 24/7/365.

Grow your reach

Whether this is your first event or your one hundredth, our platform gives you the power to track your metrics and analyze your results in real-time, improving your impact with each occasion.

How we elevate new products:

With our international event staff network, you can easily find brand ambassadors who understand your target audience and can connect with your launch authentically. Our team know that a successful product launch is crucial to a brand’s long-term growth, so we ensure that all our event staff know how to showcase your product.

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