All-star sporting event staff meets on-demand convenience


High-stakes sporting events serve to connect countries from all around the globe . Now, Elevate Global is here to make finding qualified event staff for your next game simple and effective, allowing you to keep your brand’s eye on the prize.

Build your event roster in 3 simple steps:

Find a dream team

Your sporting event staff acts as the mascot for your brand, and our global network of MVP talent is here to help you stay engaged with your fans.

Measure the moment

No matter which league you represent, our in-depth consumer interactions analysis makes it easy to increase your team’s impact with every single game.

Grow your reach

Whether this is your first event or your one hundredth, our platform gives you the power to track your metrics and analyze your results in real-time, improving your impact with each occasion.

How we elevate global sporting events:

Our mission is to connect all-star talent with leading brands around the world using the power of one streamlined platform. With our event staffing services, you can quickly connect with passionate brand ambassadors ready to take your vision to the finish line.

Work with us

Discover how we’ve helped brands staff their sporting events: