Using data to improve the customer experience

When it comes to building rich, emotional, and long-lasting connections with customers, experiential marketing ticks all the right boxes.   

According to the Event Marketing Institute’s 2021 EventTrack study, event and experiential marketing – along with brand websites – continue to lead other advertising and marketing channels in terms of the effectiveness and value it provides customers. 

Rather than simply delivering a message, experiential presents brands with an opportunity to engage all five senses at once, building a deep-rooted association that can’t be rivalled. Yet, unlike some alternative marketing channels that provide clear-cut metrics, experiential return on investment (ROI) has traditionally been harder to measure. We’re changing that.  

Impact Reporting is the industry’s first data-driven reporting platform, offering comprehensive metrics that will help brands understand the effectiveness of their activations in real-time and on a level never seen before. So, what exactly does it offer, and how will it benefit both brands and customers? 

Understanding your campaign objectives and goals 

The crucial starting point for any successful campaign, regardless of what channels it runs across, is identifying its key objectives. These might include: 

  • Building relationships 
  • Generating interactions 
  • Verifying target audiences
  • Increasing awareness/loyalty/relevance 
  • Increasing trials 


Once those have been determined, benchmarks can be set. Impact has been designed to measure four critical areas: performance, insight, analysis and key performance indicators (KPIs). There are 17 different KPIs available as standard, which brands can use to compare the performance of their events against other marketing campaigns, but bespoke measurements are also possible. 

Game-changing insights for brands and better experiences for consumers 

It’s hard to measure every single activation, and it’s even harder to pull everything together to gain any genuine insights.  

In some ways, technology only adds to the problem, as the excessive number of available tools can leave marketers feeling overwhelmed. Another issue with event reporting is that what’s recorded is often subjective and unreliable, making it tricky to measure an activation’s overall success. Post-event, the information must then be collated and sent back to the client as a report, which can be time-consuming and inconsistent. 

The industry has been crying out for one comprehensive system that can reliably track event marketing pre-, during, and post-event, which is why we launched Impact Reporting. With the ability to measure over 250 unique data sets, it provides brands with an in-depth, transparent overview of their activations from start to finish that can be used to make campaigns up to 35% more effective.  

Impact offers a range of insights from on-site stock tracking, weather forecast, perception and engagement scores, footfall and more, enabling real-time decisions to be made. Knowing when samples are running low, if there’s a technical issue, or when to adjust the number of on-site staff ensures activations remain cost-effective while providing a more fluid experience for customers. 

However, these measurements are just the beginning. The true success of Impact lies in its ability to take brand insights one step further. From Net Promoter Score, brand satisfaction, purchase intent, brand recall, and beyond, the incredible amount of data on offer is what sets this tool apart from any others. 

All live event data is collected by Elevate’s brand ambassadors who are fully trained in survey taking and collection. It’s their job to observe body language, read consumer behaviour and input that data into fully automated forms throughout each event using our connected tablets. Impact’s easy-to-use dashboard is updated over 500 times each day during a project, providing the most accurate insights into overall event performance. 

Even after an event has finished, Impact has the ability to continue providing insights. With the help of our social listening partner, social media mentions, engagements and reach can be tracked for up to six weeks afterwards, along with future purchases. All measurements and insights are recorded within the dashboard, which can be compared against other marketing activations and shared in one coherent report.  

Changing the future of engagement marketing 

As a global staffing agency, we meet millions of people every year across multiple markets. Therefore, we’re in an incredibly unique position to help our industry capture valuable data and insights on a scale that’s never been seen before. 

We want Impact Reporting to change the future of engagement marketing, helping brands to make decisions that result in better ROI for them and improved experiences for customers.  

Impact is available immediately in all markets. The platform is able to run on both desktop and mobile tablet devices. To find out more about how Impact can help improve your next activation, please get in touch. 


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