When Your Event Staffing Agency is the Problem

“The weakest link in a chain is the strongest because it can break it.”  – Polish poet, Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

When you partner with an event staffing agency, you are, in large part, placing the success of your marketing event in their hands. Who they select to staff your activations is one of the principal elements in executing your event. After all, these people will personify your brand, execute your strategy, and work to fulfill your goals. And that makes choosing the right event staffing agency well worth the time and effort. Selecting a staffing partner in haste can mean big issues, both on the day of your event and in the future.

The 2 Prime Ways Poor Event Staffing Impacts Your Brand

Many problems happen when event staff aren’t right for your program, or they simply aren’t meeting your objectives. And, these complications can snowball into larger issues. Here are two of the biggest, which can have long-term effects on your brand.

Mistaken identity.

Event and experiential marketing activations can serve many purposes. At a minimum, they allow you to get face-to-face with consumers to form relationships. But, when event staff don’t represent your company well, people aren’t able to get to know the true you. This may be because the event staff members’ appearance and personality don’t reflect your brand. Or, they may not share the right messages. When this is the case, what consumers have previously heard and what they see at the event may conflict. This leads to distrust of your brand.

Missed opportunity.

The primary purpose of many event and experiential marketing activations is to drive sales, whether directly on-site or at a later date. Yet, if consumers can’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. Or, the problem may be that your event staff are likeable but don’t have the skills to close the sale or promote further action. And you may not get an opportunity with these consumers again. Plus, your activation becomes a misuse of your valuable time and marketing dollars.

In situations like these, when you’re not getting results, consider whether your event staffing agency is the problem.

How to Know if Your Event Staffing Agency is the Problem

Your event staffing agency should work with you to understand your brand, its needs and its goals. If the following issues have occurred with an agency, it may be time to consider if your partnership is working.

  • Event staff report to the wrong location or show up at the wrong time.
  • The appearance and personality of event staff don’t reflect that of the brand.
  • Event staff lack the motivation and/or skills to do the job.
  • Attendees aren’t sure what your brand stands for or what your product does.
  • Lead generation efforts fell significantly short in quality or quantity.
  • Your goal, though reasonable, went unfulfilled.
  • Social media posts related your event were negative or nowhere to be found.
  • Survey feedback related to attendees’ overall experience was unsatisfactory.

You can avoid these issues and others when you partner with the right event staffing agency.

5 Things to Look for in an Event Staffing Agency

Don’t let what should be your strongest link (people) become your weakest (and potentially “break” your events). Instead, let this checklist help you qualify the best event staffing partner for your team.

1. A genuine interest in your brand.

As mentioned, you need an event staffing agency who will work with you. After all, no event staffing agency can deliver on your needs without first understanding them. That means, if their team does more talking than listening, consider moving on. To provide the best service, an effective partner will want to know, at a minimum, what your plans are and what you want to accomplish. This will allow them to find people with the proper skills, background, and motivation.

2. An established talent pool.

A professional event staffing partner shouldn’t have to look far for the right talent for your marketing event. They’ll already have a pool of skilled individuals from which to handpick the best staff. They maintain this pool by regularly screening candidates, ensuring their skills and certifications are up-to-date. That’s because having individuals pre-screened and ready allows your staffing partner to move quickly when you need them. Instead of searching, they can get to work in preparing your team for activation.

3. A commitment to training.

Having a stake in the preparation of your event staff shows an event staffing agency is committed to your success. As part of this commitment, they’ll work to train your talent on your activation using the best means. Yet, those who’ve been in the business for a while will have a methodology in place that’s proven successful time and again. And, they’ll be able to provide proof of retention, ensuring your team understands what they need to say and do to bring your brand success.

4. Extensive, hands-on experience in event staffing.

It goes without saying that experience can make the difference in many areas, like training. Yet, there are others that may not be as obvious. For example, a professional event staffing company with experience will understand Federal laws related to employee classification. They will use proper hiring practices to mitigate your risk and avoid fees and fines. Plus, those that have been hands-on with many events can offer tips and tools in other areas to help ensure a campaign’s overall success.

5. Reliable references.

Some event staffing agencies may tout all the above. But, until you’ve heard it from someone to whom they’ve provided service, can you really believe the hype? Ask for case studies and testimonials, and even reach out to references for assurance. Hearing how they’ve helped other brands achieve success can help you know this critical link in your chain is indeed a strong one.

As the global leader in event staffing, Elevate has fulfilled the event staffing needs of countless brands – and, we’ve got the references to prove it. We are committed to our people, their training, and most of all, our clients’ success.


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