Elevate Impact.
Own the consumer
moment of truth.

Elevate Impact is The Brand Intelligence Platform. Using next generation data-analysis, it measures what consumers think about brands, at the moment of truth. Providing business with quantified insights and data at this ‘golden’ and critical purchase decision stage.

Two data-products: each

delivering unique insights

Consumer Intelligence

  • Measure consumer 1st impressions. Track NPS, LTV and CPAC scores. Get closer to the consumer decision process. Powered by 3 million consumer interactions.

Live Event Intelligence

  • Prove ROI effectiveness of campaign spend. Track event performance in real-time. One platform, consolidate all your data. Powered by 40,000 active Brand Ambassadors.
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Measure what really matters

Level 1

Our event and location package allows you to assess how your events are performing in real-time, with access to 12 KPIs. Including metrics such as event footfall, consumer key words and event photos.

Level 2

Make a lasting impact with our tailored activation and sustainability packages. Get the full set of 12 KPIs from level 1, plus an additional 10 custom metrics to build richer event performance data.

Level 3

See your brand through consumer’s eyes with our brand performance package. Track consumer insight at the moment of truth and measure post event impact. Includes the full set of 12 KPIs from level 1, plus custom reporting to capture the key research data you need.

Real time insights – 24/7, Automated and Analytical

One customized dashboard, track your KPI’s in one simple user experience. In built analytics and filtering; spot trends, identify ways to improve event performance mid-campaign and produce high-level reports.

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Benchmark vs. previous campaigns and industry data

Take the guesswork of out of metrics. Set active benchmarks vs. Category average, compare market vs. market, or compare different market channel KPI performance.

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Get closer to the consumer decision moment

Understand more about the consumer journey, capture new insights to help validate existing data. Grow intelligence on the purchase funnel with better audience profiling and personas.

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Impact Global KPIs


Total Event Footfall


Visitor Engagement


Consumer Key Words


Venue Performance


Sustainability Score


NPS Score

“This is the best reporting dashboard I have seen so far, the charts and design are super slick!”

Brand Connections

“The dashboard was super useful in tracking my event KPI week on week.”


“The Impact dashboard was so easy to use, and saved us so much time as there was no need for excel reports.”