Consumer Connections Made Easy: Retail Staffing Services


Looking for qualified retail staff, including brand ambassadors, product demonstrators, and trade show representatives to boost your sales and streamline the buying process for your guests? At Elevate Global, we specialize in creating exceptional shopping experiences for events of every size.

Simplify event retail sales in 3 simple steps:

Hire retail ambassadors

No matter what you’re selling, our vetted retail professional network has you covered. Finding brand ambassadors to represent your products is just one click away.

Measure the moment

Generate more retail sales for your event with our brand intelligence platform, giving you unparalleled insight into current consumer trends, dozens of KPIs, and 24/7 analytics reporting.

Cover all bases

Benefit from our 360-degree global service, covering on-the-ground management, live communication, and additional services.

Your trusted staffing partner for retail events

With Elevate Global, you’ll be connected to thousands of potential retail staff who understand your customers’ needs, so you can quickly fill your roster. Providing great retail experiences requires attention to detail, and we make sure that our retail staff are prepared to exceed your expectations.

Work with us

Discover how we’ve helped brands elevate their retail activations