Six Things I Love About Being a Brand Ambassador 

Brand Ambassador Advice

  • Tamara Olori
  • 7 December 2023
  • 5 Min Read

Being a Brand Ambassador isn’t all glitz and glamour as some people may assume. As the face of the brand and the first point of contact connecting a brand to its consumers, it’s a role that involves lots of responsibility and the perfect blend of professionalism and enthusiasm. Emily is currently a law student at the University of Edinburgh from Glasgow. She’s been part of Elevate Global’s event staffing agency since July 2022 and previously worked as a bartender. Outside of this, she loves spending time with her dog Cupar,  going out for dinner, shopping, and travelling.  Here’s six things she’s enjoyed being a Brand Ambassador for a range of brands: 

Being on the Waitrose “train” 🚆  

Our manager Nix always welcomes us aboard every shift making us feel part of one team despite all being in different locations. The train is imaginary, but a fun idea. She calls herself the train driver, as the leader of the day, and sets us all up for a good shift together. The campaigns run in sync all on the same day, same time, same product tasting in around 25-50 Waitrose stores across the UK. We stay in touch by all sending in pictures of the day in the WhatsApp group chat and there’s constant communication. The management team made such an effort to make it a welcoming and proactive day and pull us all together on the same train.  

Getting to know my regular customers 🤝

I love hearing about the lives of the people I encounter; some have such interesting stories to tell. I’ve heard about people’s past careers, families, and travels. They take such an interest and keep up to date with me which is so lovely. One even got me a birthday card once!  On regular campaigns like the Waitrose sampling, the same customers come in every week so they get to know you. It’s amazing to have a good balance where I can be both friendly and professional with the customers which is something I think the Elevate managers do so well with us brand ambassadors. 

Being part of different work environments means I meet new, great people 👋

The nature of the job means I’m part of different teams all the time, and not one set team like I’d have if I worked in a restaurant for example. This means I get to meet so many new people and it’s grown my confidence and people skills so much since starting. Being able to adapt to new work environments and fit in with their staff members is great. On Sky VIP cinema hosting shifts I’m going to various cinemas and working alongside different teams almost every time. Some campaigns are more set like Waitrose where I feel like a more set part of the team in my regular sampling store. Both of these are great experiences definitely developed my confidence.  

Doing fun campaigns 🎬

Since becoming a Brand Ambassador, I’ve been part of such exciting and unique projects. I recently hosted a game of Spin the Wheel to win an iPhone 15 at the Sky HQ in Dunfermline. It was so much fun getting people to play and see how excited they got when they landed on the iPhone. I also worked on a campaign for Givenchy fragrance, giving out samples of their l’interdit range. This was extra exciting for me because I wore the l’interdit rouge perfume and I’d loved it for months before this campaign. Being able to connect with a project on a personal level and coincidently promote my favourite perfume was brilliant. On the other hand, giving out samples in Waitrose opened my horizons to new products that I now use because of the campaigns, like the mockingbird smoothies which are so tasty.  

Working as event staff allows for flexibility 🤸

I study law at university, which is a very demanding course, but Elevate Global is very flexible so I can plan my time well. Shifts for Waitrose sampling are released about a month or so in advance and you select from a drop box all the days you are available. This allows me to plan out my weeks accordingly and get to both study and work well. Other campaigns are also sent out in advance and there is no pressure to take on a shift if you aren’t available. It’s an amazing part of the job and takes a lot of pressure off managing a job and studying.  

Perks of the job, such as getting to watch movies through being a VIP cinema host 🍿

Sky hires out a cinema screen and plays new movies for their VIP customers who are invited to the showing. As a brand ambassador, I host them by welcoming them to the screening, checking their invites (tickets), showing them the screen, and taking attendance. This normally only takes about 45 minutes so once it is done I get to go in and watch the film! It’s a really good perk of the job. 

Who better to hear it from than someone who’s been through it all? If you want to become a Brand Ambassador at Elevate like Emily we want to hear from you. We’re always looking to increase our talent pool globally – so sign up to join the team today.