The Benefits Of Temporary Event Staff In The Event Space 

Live Events

  • Tamara Olori
  • 14 December 2023
  • 3 Min Read

Events are a magical moment in time when brands come to life. At Elevate we believe these moments are powered by our event staff. On the day, it’s the field staff and the crew behind the scenes giving their hearts and souls to ensure success. This blog is about the wonderful world of temporary event staff, and why it’s a system that benefits brands, clients and field staff alike.

In the field:

Flexibility that empowers

Our event staff choose the temporary work lifestyle for a wide variety of reasons. But the main appeal might be an unparalleled flexibility that most 9-5’s simply can’t accommodate. Temporary work is compatible with so many lifestyle choices – studying, caring for children or adults, pursuing creative projects or time-demanding hobbies that require long hours – there are many reasons why people need a work schedule that flexes to their needs.

And even better, temporary doesn’t necessarily mean short-lived. At Elevate Global, flexibility and reliability flow in both directions. When our event staff prove themselves to be exceptional they receive regular offers for work and potentially become full-time employees who’ve had the training, experience and exposure to company culture needed to succeed. Temporary event staff can choose a work-life balance that makes them truly happy and we have the added pleasure of facilitating that success.

No two days alike

Another aspect of temporary work that our teams rate most highly is the fresh and fulfilling environments they work within. Every event offers a new way to learn, grow and diversify a skill set. Our event staff are immersed in different areas, industries and ideas with each assignment. They might go from a music festival to a corporate retreat, from a product pop-up to the launch of an app. Events are each a unique adventure, presenting new challenges and life lessons. This constant adaptation and exposure makes for amazing on-the-job learning and grows confidence and the adaptability of our event staff which potentially informs future career moves.

In The Conference Room:

High-quality, cost-effective

As a brand or agency, overheads are always a watch point but temporary event staff offer flexibility, saving money and time. There has historically been a misapprehension that temps are unreliable or low-quality workers. At Elevate Global, we consider our field staff to be an extension of our permanent teams.Meaning our recruitment and training processes are rigorous and our field staff are hired for their energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism. We use selection criteria to make sure the team that arrives at every event is well-tailored to that specific location and brand and the best part is, that brands get to bask in the fresh energy and insight that those teams bring.

Data that speaks volumes

Lastly, in this age of information, data is a valued commodity. Our event staff are trained to gather diverse data from the events they attend and coupled with our bespoke intelligence tool Elevate Impact, we can track every interaction and connection that field teams forge. This is data that helps prove ROI and provides essential intel for fine-tuning future marketing strategies.

In summary, taking on temporary event staff is a smart, strategic choice that benefits everyone. Field staff have career freedom while clients have access to a dynamic, adaptable workforce. Each can learn vital lessons from the other. So next time you’re thinking about staffing solutions, consider a temporary team of talent, and get in touch with Elevate Global.