Embracing Veganuary: Top 5 Vegan Brands to Discover 

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  • Elevate Staffing
  • 17 January 2024
  • 4 Min Read

Veganuary is a growing trend that has people quitting meat and dairy for the first month of the year. Here at Elevate, it’s more than that. Veganuary and exploring plant-based products is about celebrating a lifestyle that respects our planet and all its inhabitants, and it doesn’t have to be a hardship. As a global event staffing agency, we’ve experienced first-hand some of the incredible innovations that vegan brands have recently launched that will help make sticking to veganism really simple. Our teams of event staff have been busy making sure those brands are seen, sampled, understood and loved in stores, festivals and events around the world.  

Whether you’re a long-term vegan or at the beginning of your plant-based journey, these are some of the best vegan brands our staffing teams have worked with so far.  

1. Alpro – Pioneers in plant-based deliciousness 

The steady rise in demand for plant-based dairy substitutes has put Alpro firmly at the forefront of vegan products. They have an impressive product range, from creamy almond milk to luscious soy yogurts, and a well-established commitment to quality and taste.  

As part of Elevate’s long-running relationship with Waitrose and Partners, our events staff have run store-tasting and sampling in Waitrose branches across the UK. We gave thousands of customers an insight into Alpro’s non-dairy products and consistently found that consumers were impressed with their products, as well as happy with Alpro’s dedication to health and sustainability. 

2. La Vie – Revolutionising plant-based options 

La Vie is a game-changer in the vegan market, and increasingly famous for their sensational plant-based bacon. Our events staff had the unusual pleasure of introducing France to their ground-breaking, taste-making products at the Paris International Agricultural Show. The reaction that our staff captured was unanimous – it’s hard to believe it’s not real bacon! La Vie’s commitment to replicating familiar flavours in a vegan format is truly commendable. 

3. Beyond Meat – A new era of meat alternatives 

Beyond Meat is arguably the best-known amongst the makers of meat alternatives. Their plant-based products have captured not only the hearts of vegans but also of meat-eaters around the world. Elevate has worked with Beyond Meat at many events including the International Food and Drink event at London ExCel , the Taste of London festival and Beyond Meat food truck tours across various locations. Our event staff have witnessed first-hand the excitement and curiosity their products generate when sampled. 
Beyond Meat are leading the way in their approach to creating sustainable, healthy, and delicious meat alternatives. 

4. Dr Vegan – Championing women’s health with plant-based solutions 

Dr Vegan is making a significant impact in the vegan supplement market, particularly with their range of women’s health products. Elevate brand ambassadors had the privilege of sampling Dr Vegan products at Whole Foods in London over four days. The team played a crucial role in promoting these products, focusing on increasing awareness and encouraging purchases. Dr Vegan’s commitment to providing plant-based, ethical, and effective health solutions for women is truly inspiring. 

5. Heura Foods: A bold entry in plant-based innovation 

Heura Foods is a Spanish start-up specialising in food-tech, that made a remarkable debut at the Paris International Agricultural Show with Elevate staff support. Heura is known predominantly for their low-fat, high-protein, Mediterranean-style meat and fish substitutes and their first appearance was controversial and widely discussed in the media. Showcasing their products at this reputable event required a tailored team with specific skills and characteristics. Our staffing specialists in France played a crucial role in the recruitment of event staff who could speak with an international audience and effectively communicate Heura’s innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, health, and outstanding flavours. 

Ready to bring your brand to life? 

If your FMCG brand is ready for the real world, our team of dedicated event staff is here to help. Elevate Global specialise in creating memorable, engaging live event experiences that gather real-world feedback and leave a lasting impression. Our work with fantastic brands like Alpro, La Vie, Beyond Meat, and Dr Vegan has helped connect them with enthusiastic consumers, through interactive product samplings and immersive experiences that are proven to be effective. 

Get in touch with us and create positive human connections that resonate with your audience. Veganuary is just the beginning – together, we can make every month a celebration of plant-based living. Speak to the team today

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