Serve up an impact: Food and beverage sampling services


Outstanding food and beverage sampling is what takes customer interactions from bland to extraordinary. With Elevate Global, you can easily hire qualified brand ambassadors who know and understand high-quality sampling presentations, and our event staffing solutions are served up a la carte.  


Create impactful flavours in 3 simple steps:

Hire event staff

Regardless of the size of your event, our network includes thousands of food and beverage sampling professionals, making it easy to find ambassadors who align with your event’s vision.

Measure the moment

Using our fully integrated event management app, you can quickly assess your results with timely consumer interaction tracking, audience impressions, and more invaluable insights.

Grow your reach

Whether this is your first event or your one hundredth, our platform gives you the power to track your metrics and analyse your results in real-time, improving your impact with each occasion.

How we elevate your food and beverage experience:

As a global leader in event staffing services, we understand that maintaining compliance is a top priority for clients, so we go above and beyond to ensure that your next event is in line with regional regulations.

Work with us

Discover how we’ve helped represent food and beverage focused brands: