Cannes Lions 2024: Our Activations 

Live Events

  • Célian Tranier
  • 27 June 2024
  • 4 Min Read

For the third year in a row, Elevate Global had the honour of supporting several clients at the prestigious Cannes Lions 2024, a festival where creativity meets innovation. During these five intense days, we mobilised more than 150 staff to offer unique and memorable experiences. Here’s a look at the activations of our key clients: 

Meta with the Jack Morton Agency: Meta Beach 

Meta took over the Majestic and La Croisette for the Cannes Lions, alternating business meetings and experiences around the group’s flagship brands and collaborations for businesses such as WhatsApp, Ray-Ban, Reels Film Studio, etc. This was a 100% immersive experience that combined business, AI, digital amplification and creativity.  We provided qualified staff to welcome and guide participants, facilitate workshops and ensure a smooth and immersive experience for all who attended.

TikTok and Jack Morton : TikTok Garden at the Carlton Cannes

Moreover, TikTok transformed the Carlton’s garden for a week into a hub for meetings and innovations. Advertisers, content creators, and those passing by appreciated the pop-up by this soaring social network brand, particularly among the under 24s. The activation featured a DJ, an open bar serving rosé and ice cream, photo opportunities and conferences on the digital world.  At this pop-up, Elevate Global Brand Ambassadors managed interactions, provided conference logistics, distributed goodies, and maintained a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.  

Pinterest and Amplify launch the Manifestival 

Furthermore, at Carlton Beach, Pinterest pushed creativity to its peak with it’s eye-catching pop-up, the “Manifesitval”. Various activities were available here including temporary or non-ephemeral tattoos, personalization of Crocs and jewellery, as well as the recreation of tote bags from sports jerseys. All this in a colourful, fun and design setting facing the sea! We were responsible for delivering staff to supervise the various personalization booths and business meetings. Additionally, our staff managed the influx of visitors and made sure that everything was seamless throughout the Pinterest Manifestival event.

Adobe and Smyle Agency: Diving into the Future 

Adobe dazzled at Cannes’ Hotel Barrière Le Majestic with a series of exclusive events. from stimulating round tables to inspiring panels and dynamic networking, each participant left with valuable insights from the brand and overall had a great time.

IBM and the GPJ agency 

Moreover, IBM was present at Cannes Lions to promote Watsonx, an in-house generative AI solution. The purpose of the activation was to encourage visitors to play a game of ping-pong and thus, collect all the data of the game (points scored, ball speed, number of forehands, backhands, etc.) From there, an AI-generated match report was produced. Our event staff were on-site to coordinate discussions and workshops, and offer logistical support to make sure everything was in- line with the brand’s standards. 

Netflix and La Moss

Netflix took over the JW Marriott in Cannes with an interactive installation. Guided by our Brand Ambassadors, the VIP guests explored the world of Netflix content and enjoyed an immersive experience. Throughout the space, guests can experience scenes inspired by some of Netflix’s biggest titles, including Wednesday, Squid Game, Stranger Things, Emily in Paris, and many more. 

Our wonderful field staff teams roles involved welcoming guests, providing the necessary information needed, attended the check-in, directed guests to the different areas, with the goal of creating an immersive and entertaining experience at the forefront of their minds.

These activations at Cannes Lions demonstrate our ability to transform creative concepts into lively and engaging experiences. By providing qualified staff and ensuring impeccable event management, we have contributed to the success of our clients and enriched the experience of the participants. We are proud to have once again been at the heart of innovation and creativity at Cannes, and we look forward to continuing to raise the standards of future events and to being there again in 2025.

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