EURO 2024: Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing Your Brand

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  • Célian Tranier
  • 16 May 2024
  • 4 Min Read

The anticipation is building, and the stakes are high as Europe gears up for EURO 2024, a celebration of football, unity, and competition that captivates audiences worldwide. Amidst the roar of the crowds and the clash of titans on the field lies an unparalleled opportunity for brands. How? To connect with their audience in a profound and memorable way. Through strategic event activations, brands can transcend traditional advertising, creating lasting impressions that resonate with fans long after the final whistle. At Elevate Global, we specialise in elevating brand presence at international sports events like the EURO 2024. Our teams are trained to ensure that your message not only reaches, but engages and inspires your audience. 

The Power of Event Activations at EURO 2024 

At live events, activations stand as pillars of brand engagement, transforming passive audiences into active participants in your brand’s story. EURO 2024 presents a unique canvas for these activations; from immersive fan zones to innovative digital experiences that echo the excitement of the games. The key to capitalising on this opportunity is not just about visibility, but creating interactions that are meaningful, memorable, and culturally resonant. 

Do’s for Maximizing Brand Impact 

  1. Embrace Local Culture: Understanding the host nation’s culture and the diverse audience that EURO 2024 attracts is paramount. Tailor your activations to reflect local tastes, traditions, and football fervor, ensuring your brand’s message resonates on a personal level.
  2. Leverage Technology: Use interactive technology to bring your brand to life. From AR experiences that place fans in the heart of the action to social media challenges that spread your message virally, the right technology can amplify your impact. 
  3. Choose the Right Partners: The complexity of executing flawless event activations across different countries calls for expert navigation. Partner with a staffing agency that possesses a global outlook with local insight, ensuring your brand ambassadors embody your values and speak directly to your audience’s hearts. Elevate Global operate’s in 5 markets with a further 18 partner networks internationally. This means we’re ready and willing to support you in this area. 

Don’ts to Avoid in Event Activations 

  1. Underestimate Human Connections: Skilled, knowledgeable Brand Ambassador are the backbone of successful activations. Don’t skimp on quality staffing — your brand’s reputation at an event of this magnitude depends on it. 
  2. Dismiss the Impact of Activations: Your activations should not stand alone but be a seamless part of your overall brand strategy. Ensure your messaging is consistent across all platforms, reinforcing your brand’s narrative. 
  3. Neglect Data Capture: Engagement is more than just a buzzword; it’s measurable impact. Avoid overlooking the importance of capturing data on your activations’ effectiveness, from foot traffic to social media engagement. 

Elevate With Us: Unmatched Staffing Solutions 

At Elevate Global, we bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and precision to event staffing. Our global reach and local expertise across the UK, US, France, Germany, and Austria enable us to provide staffing services that are not just effective but transformative. We don’t just fill positions; we craft teams that bring your brand to life, ensuring each interaction is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. 

The right event activations can transform how audiences perceive your brand, turning spectators into advocates and engagements into memories. With EURO 2024 on the horizon, the opportunity to elevate your brand is immense. At Elevate Global, we’re committed to creating positive human connections, delivering impactful activations, and ensuring your brand shines brighter than ever. Let’s make history together. 

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