Introducing: ElevateHER 

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  • Tamara Olori
  • 10 August 2023
  • 4 Min Read

Currently, female leaders are leaving their companies at the highest rates in years and 1 in 4 positions in C-suite are held by women (McKinsey, 2022). In an effort to reduce the gender gap and minimise discrimination against women in the workplace, Elevate is launching a new initiative called ElevateHER

Being a global agency that embraces women from all walks of life, it’s really important to us that everyone’s voices are heard and that we build an inclusive work environment. 

We recognise that women face numerous barriers and to support them in overcoming these challenges, it’s crucial to establish an equitable setting where women are seen as equals.  

Here’s what our Global COO, Carina, who’s leading this initiative had to say: 

“Whilst there’s been considerable change over recent times for women in the workplace, we still have a long way to go. As a woman that’s had to encounter many barriers right from when I was on the field as an Event Manager, to even now in my role at C-suite level, I’ve learned that we need to enable a more equitable solution and situation for women in business.” 

 You can find out more about ElevateHER from Carina in this video:

The new initiative has already created a lot of buzz at Elevate HQ, and the wider team are really looking forward to what this will bring: 

“I’m excited about sharing our experiences and being surrounded by a very supportive network of strong and inspiring women in the team and seeing how we can all flourish.” – My, Global Operations Director. 

“ElevateHER is the initiative we didn’t realise we needed until it was created! It’s so empowering to exchange all the ideas and experiences with the women at Elevate, to support each other, and learn from each other.” – Sana, EU Marketing Manager. 

“I’m looking forward to elevating women in the business by speaking out about the female expectation in society and how we can do better to support ALL women.” – Avonlee, US Account Director. 

“Joining a program as a man that supports women in business, is a powerful statement of solidarity. It’s our chance to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a world where every woman’s potential can flourish, contributing to a stronger economy and a more just society. This is what ElevateHER means for me; not only inclusion diversity and equality, but it stands for being open and listening to every idea out there” – Jonas, CGO.

“Being part of ElevateHER, is joining the journey to make things better for the next generations. I strongly believe in breaking down the obstacles that have made it hard for women to succeed in business.” – Leah, Product Director.

“ElevateHER brings us together from all areas of the business, to candidly and openly share experiences to build each other up and to break down societal barriers. Our first session has been incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to see what this amazing group of women achieve.” – Sophie, EU and UK HR Director  

“ElevateHer is a space where I can feel heard, share experiences and feel supported amongst amazing women who have similar obstacles.” – Tatiana, US Account Director. 

As well as working closely with the women of Elevate, we’re also aiming to engage with a diverse range of women within the events industry, and other fields to explore opportunities for collaboration to bring about meaningful change. 

We’re looking forward to sharing our journey with you. For more about DE&I at Elevate – check out our Purpose page.