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We specialise in supplying expertly trained staff for conferences, exhibitions, conventions, expos, and trade shows.

Staffing solutions for large scale events

At Elevate, we understand the critical role that skilled and dedicated staff play in creating successful large scale events. Whether you are organising a high-profile corporate conference or an industry-leading trade show, we have the expertise and resources to bring your event to life.

We offer a variety of staffing solutions to fit your event needs. From team leads, greeters, and directional staff to food and beverage attendants, information desk personnel, and hands-on support, we ensure every aspect of your event is handled professionally.

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Our success stories

BMW Fast Start Conference

Our team of 22 Brand Ambassadors provided support for a two-day internal B2B event held in Liverpool, which included daytime conference sessions and evening activities.

Paris Games Week

Discord’s live activity featured a team of 24 staff representing the Tech and Gaming community. Profiles included brand ambassadors, event managers, actors, and translators passionate about technology and with significant experience in the field.

VMware Explore

For this large-scale event, we provided a variety of staff including team leads, greeters, and food and beverage station attendants. Our well-coordinated team ensured smooth operations throughout the event, contributing to an overall successful conference.