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Soap and Glory

Elevate has been providing Glory Girls to amplify the brand since 2016.

Soap & Glory needed to amplify its brand and grow its presence, targeting consumers with a range of unique marketing activities. So, we took on the challenge of boosting their brand presence across the globe with the help of our ‘Glory Girls’.



100% Staff retention

Customer engagement

Distributed over 85,000 samples to consumers

Huge consumer reach

Reached over 3 million consumers globally

What We Did

Using our unique recruitment approach, we went on the hunt for our ‘Glory Girls’: make-up artists who were highly skilled and passionate about beauty. Elevate managed an extensive training and styling programme for the recruits to embark on, ensuring that our chosen brand ambassadors could understand and embody Soap & Glory’s core values.

How we did it

Once the global teams had been established, our Glory Girls delivered experiences to consumers across shopping centres, university activations, festivals, beauty events, and much more. The teams provided makeovers, product trials, led dance classes and distributed samples to amplify Soap & Glory’s brand presence. Our staff even became spokesmodels for the brand, resulting in a long-term partnership with Soap & Glory since 2016.

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