This is the Only Event Staffing Strategy You Need

The more brand-tailored and fine tuned your strategy is, the better your results will be. From profiling to messaging, this applies to just about every aspect of marketing.

Experiential marketing is no exception. In fact, when it comes to executing an experiential strategy, designing your approach to the brand arguably becomes even more important.

Marketing events are a powerful way to drive results. According to Event Track 2015, “a significant 98% of the respondents said that assuming the product or service promoted was one they were interested in, participating at the event or experience made them more inclined to purchase.” With statistics like this, to maximize your investment, you need a strategy that leaves no element to chance.

Many experiential marketing campaigns require promotional staff to achieve the desired result. Depending on the nature of the campaign, promotional staff may need to be highly skilled at certain things. Therefore, they’ll need bespoke training in order to present themselves as true brand advocates and experts.

So, that often leads to a problem. Every business, every industry and every experiential campaign is different, so how can you source promotional staff that you can rely on?

When it comes to marketing, a brand-tailored event staffing strategy is always best.

A promotional team plays an incredibly important role in any experiential marketing strategy. They’re the face of your brand, if only for a temporary period of time. They need to know everything about your products or services, plus they need to be aware of your market. They are the last line of defense between creative and strategic planning and your target consumer.

Not only that, but they also need to be intelligent and a conversational genius who can leave a positive lasting impression, since they won’t just be interacting with any old person – they’ll be interacting with potential customers.

A Strategy That Works for Your Unique Business

At Elevate, we understand the importance of getting this right, so we’ve gone to great lengths to provide an effective event staffing strategy for any business in any niche. We have processes in place that we use to recruit and train promotional staff who deliver.

When it comes to recruitment, we have a bespoke model and system that allows us to truly match staff to the campaign and brand at hand. This is a more time consuming and labor intensive approach – but it works. If our recruits pass our initial stringent selection criteria, they’ll also need to undertake personality tests, video profiling and a comprehensive online training program.

By using this approach, we dig into the passions and personality of each staff member, find out what makes them tick and match them up to projects that excite them. We only use promotional staff that we know will achieve the best ROI possible for our clients.

Powered by a proprietary CRM that Elevate has developed and invested in over the past decade, clients are able to have full visibility to include a video profile for each and every presented staff member. So you can see how seriously we take recruitment. We’re the only event staffing company that can offer this level of transparency and honesty to clients.

Training and Staff Preparation

In 2015, Elevate launched a training platform that delivers a suite of training materials to include digital training manuals, brand training videos and testing modules to drive information retention and quality. Providing staff with the tools they need to succeed is paramount to a campaign’s success.

An important priority is to make sure that staff knows what the main targets and goals for any given campaign are. Allowing them to know that their contribution has a wider impact on a bigger picture is empowering. That way, they’re able to ensure that they can immerse customers and get them excited.

But at Elevate, our event staffing strategy leaves no stone unturned. For example, we also know that it’s crucial that staff truly retain their training. By using testing as a part of every training piece, we drive quality that will deliver a better result for our client. Ensuring that every single engagement is correctly targeted and delivered will cut out wasted time, effort and money.

Essentially, the more information that promotional staff have, the more confident they’ll be that they can get the desired result. We drill down into the finest details ensuring our staff are aligned and ready to face the audience and perform.

The results we have seen reinforce our belief that people are truly the most effective way to engage people. Their value can’t be undervalued.

If you agree, let’s talk! We’d love to share our thoughts and experience with you.


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