7 top skills every entrepreneur should have

Regardless of your career path, there are certain essential skills you can develop that will ultimately increase your chances of entrepreneurial success across any industry.

These include fundamental hard skills, such as financial and technical, that are vital for running any business, but there are also soft skills, such as communication and management, which can be developed and applied to numerous different roles and industries. For example, to thrive in an industry like event staffing, you might want to improve your communication and problem-solving skills. To further advance your career, you could develop your leadership skills to help build and maintain successful teams.

Here are seven top skills every entrepreneur should have.


Communication is a fundamental skill for almost all roles, especially in business. Entrepreneurs must know how to communicate effectively with others, in meetings and through active listening. Not only will this help you work more efficiently, but it will also support you in promoting better brand awareness when communicating in person and through digital interactions such as email and social media.

Of course, when it comes to event staffing, a brand ambassador’s number one role is connecting with audiences through storytelling and creating positive experiences, which is why having good communication skills are essential.

Teamwork and leadership 

Successful entrepreneurs will usually be responsible for leading or being part of a team, which is also the case when working in event staffing. Therefore, knowing how to motivate others and work collaboratively is a crucial skill many employers value, giving your application the best chance of standing out.


Being a confident salesperson is a skill that all entrepreneurs must master, and it’s important that you feel comfortable doing outreach and achieving new business opportunities. But being great at selling is no longer about having the best product – instead, it’s about building the best relationships, which should always be at the heart of every successful brand activation.

Problem-solving and critical thinking

Problem-solving is a key skill that stands out on job applications as it suggests that these candidates are self-reliant. Most of us have problems to overcome daily, whether that’s something as small as the WiFi not working or more substantial issues like a work crisis. Knowing how to approach these, break them down, and perhaps even use them to your advantage is a skill many entrepreneurs require.

Likewise, critical thinking skills are fundamental to problem-solving, providing the tools needed to tackle all kinds of challenges. Critical thinking is about being more thoughtful, creative and curious, allowing you to make more effective decisions by reflecting on past learning experiences and working processes.

Time management

Time management and organisation go hand in hand. Without this, managing projects or achieving desired business goals is almost impossible. Setting deadlines, team and personal objectives, and breaking down tasks into more manageable responsibilities is crucial for this and something every team leader must be able to do.

Customer service

Connecting with and retaining customers is at the centre of any successful business, so knowing how to provide a positive experience (and handle conflict) is important. Once you understand how to do that, you can use these skills to persuade potential and existing customers that buying from or engaging with you is in their best interests. So, naturally, it’s a vital skill for event staffing.


Although there’s no need for a formal qualification in marketing, all entrepreneurs must have a basic grasp of it, as do brand ambassadors. Appreciating marketing’s importance in building brands will help with knowing how to advocate and promote a business successfully.

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