What’s it like being an Elevate Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassador Advice

  • Tamara Olori
  • 6 October 2023
  • 4 Min Read

Ever wondered what it’s actually like to be an Elevate Brand Ambassador? Meet Hollie, one of our very own brand ambassadors who’s based in Dorset and is also a professional writer with a Creative Arts university degree. Outside work, her hobbies involve music, yoga, poetry, nature and meditation. We asked Hollie a couple of questions about working as event-staff for Elevate, and how she finds being a Brand Ambassador: 

How long have you been a BA with us and what made you want to become one? 

I’ve been working as a BA for Elevate since 2015 and wanted the opportunity for the flexibility, diverse range of media campaigns, fun and excellent rates of pay offered. Elevate has an exemplary reputation for working with leading luxury and premium brands, so it was a natural choice to gravitate towards them. My background in the beauty industry was a perfect fit that matched my interests and experience and I particularly wanted to work on customer-facing cosmetic campaigns such as the successful Benefit makeup travelling air streamers roadshow that appeared across university campuses in the U.K. The uplifting energy and creative environment really appealed to me and fostered a sense of celebration and community that is always inclusive. 

What’s been your favourite job to work on so far and why? 

The Monster Energy drinks tour has been my favourite job to work on as the brand is so iconic and the truck is always such a great talking point when we roll into town.  

Everyone we interacted with was so enthusiastic to engage with and the energy was always very consistent and positive. With such a popular brand like this, the press activity is always organic and flows naturally. It’s a real privilege to be a part of the buzz and I’m very grateful for it.  

What do you enjoy most about being a BA?  

I’m a huge pop culture fan and being involved directly with new forms of brand promotion is exciting, ever-evolving and always interesting. I love seeing how brands launch new or existing products in innovative ways.  

What’s something that’s surprised you since becoming a BA? 

The genuine friendships that can often be made from working in a team, particularly on long or regular campaigns. Working with Elevate has been a wonderful experience as they set a high precedent for how you are treated as a member of their team. From marketing executives to team leaders and bookers, the warm attitude and loyalty definitely filter down from the top directly to the BA’S on the job in the field. The loyalty you are given is very reciprocal and Elevate really rewards anyone who works hard with incentives and regular bookings. I was surprised that working for Elevate felt like working for a close business in that sense, as it is so personally rewarding when it maintains existing as such a large prestigious corporation. 

Do you have any advice for new BAs just starting out?  

Be friendly, always be on time and book campaigns you have a genuine interest in as your passion will shine through. I would research Elevate’s past campaigns to see if their portfolio suits your style and how you could best fit in with what they’re looking for. Also if you’re particularly enthusiastic about certain causes such as the environment or sustainability they offer extra BA courses for enrichment that you might be interested in signing up for to make your profile stand out from the crowd. If you have ambitions to become a team leader eventually absolutely mention this and put your best foot forward as there are always opportunities to progress your career with them. Elevate is a company that wants to retain and celebrate your individuality so aim high and be yourself.  

You heard it here first! If this sounds like the job for you,  join us today as a brand ambassador by applying on our site now.

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