Go Where People are Watching: Sports Events

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  • Tamara Olori
  • 2 October 2023
  • 4 Min Read

Marketing is a dynamic world, and marketers are always looking for ways to push their brands to the forefront. We’re here to pitch a simple answer to this often-complex question – Sport. Sports events – from golf opens to football tournaments – all have something in common; a captive, captivated audience and an adrenalin-charged atmosphere. Read on to find out how sports events could be the ultimate marketing match for your needs.

A captivated audience

Not many people go to sports events without a passion for the sport. That means stadiums, courts and rinks full of people in a positive frame of mind, in a place they’ve chosen to be. Associating your brand with that experience – the roar of the crowd and the excitement of the game – can only have a positive impact. You are placing your brand at the heart of an environment that is full of good energy.

Even people with a passing interest in sports will still get swept up in the moment. This year at Wimbledon, over 530,000 immersed themselves in the experience. Huge crowds queued from dawn to get tickets, presenting a unique opportunity for engagement. Elevate Brand Ambassadors represented the main sponsor, Lavazza, across two locations: in the queue and on the grounds. We gave out 35,000 coffee samples to grateful recipients and collected 4,595 competition entries. The event was a major success both for tennis and for coffee.

Exponential exposure

There’s also the added effect of inbuilt media coverage and the social buzz that audiences are an integral part of. Creating innovative and exciting ways to capitalise on the hype surrounding sporting events leads to more exposure and organic visibility.

Elevate was chosen to help Turkish Airlines deliver a visual impact at the UEFA Champions League final. The campaign, which was run to tight deadlines and with exacting criteria, featured two event staff acting as “hosts” walking onto the pitch with the players at the start of each UEFA Champions League match. put Turkish Airlines front and centre. Building a strong association with the brand and organic amplification across socials. Turkish Airlines wanted tailored profiles, and our teams recruited from our offices across Europe delivered this. This made the activation as impactful as it could possibly be.


Experiential marketing

Additionally, sports events provide an ideal platform for experiential marketing. By creating memorable, interactive experiences that relate to the event, you can bring your brand to life. Demonstrating personality and providing an extra, unexpected dimension to events. Experiential marketing creates opportunities for interactions that traditional advertising could never provide. These can be anything that fluidly connects the audience to the event with your brand as a gateway. Whether that’s a photobooth that places the audience in a player’s shoes, with your brand as the backdrop, or a VR experience where they can play the game they’re here to see. This is an opportunity for maximum creativity and to authentically enhance audience experiences of the event. In addition, a well-developed experiential campaign will organically enhance social sharing where fans not only engage with the brand but also become part of the brand’s story, creating a deep and lasting impact that resonates long after the final whistle.

Elevate US was particularly effective in this area in partnership with CBS and Paramount for this year’s Superbowl. We created a ‘Price is Right’ gameshow experience for guests during the Fan Fest in Downtown Phoenix. Our 30 x 30-metre footprint in the heart of the area led to 50,000 engagements with fans and over 1 million impressions on social and digital channels.

The highlights…

Sports events offer a uniquely rich variety of opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in an authentic and engaging way. From association with a joyful event to increased brand exposure and creative experiential marketing approaches. Sports and the events around them provide an exceptional platform for brands looking to get noticed. With the right strategy and tactics in place, sporting events can deliver real results. At Elevate, we have the network to provide you with top-tier event staff to drive successful activations.

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